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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Love Conquers All

I have been dealing with a lot of temptations lately, and have been yearning for the Lord's manifest presence in me and in the earth. I want to be fruitful, but am continually brought back to my own uselessness. Anyway, I think, AGAIN I think the Lord said, stop striving. It's all been condensed down in to these two commandments: Love God completely, and love your neighbor as self. I ask Him, "How?" I think He says, "Just do it. Don't worry about 'how.'" I trust, I hope, I try to remind others when I can. I don't know how to be a pioneer when I'm not a pioneer. Loving/serving one another is the antidote to falling back into sin.

The only way to say out of sin:

For you were called to freedom, brethren; only do not turn your freedom into an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another. For the whole Law is fulfilled in one word, in the statement, “YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.” ... But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh.

I think the best way to 'love your neighbor' is to continually direct the gaze of their eyes back to Jesus.

But, I frequently seem paralyzed from doing much because the feeling that there is so little time. How great a building can be made in only 2 days? If any Christ-worshipers find this, it must have been by His leading. Please tell me what you think.

Monday, November 21, 2011

This is to Women

I was recently listening as a woman was trying to speak a word from the Lord. She was constantly being subverted in her talking by feeling the need to apologize for not wearing makeup. But, she was beautiful! What's up with that? Why do women and girls go around worrying about not having their masks on (makeup) and apologizing for it? Do they not know that the nasty masks actually cover up their true beauty? I know some jobs/school situations may require women to wear makeup as part of the dress code. Understandable it is in that case for a woman to put that mask on, so as not to offend the law of the office, but if you are not under the law of the dress code, don't wear it! If your husband is one of those ones who thinks that you look better in makeup, then I suppose you should wear it for his sake...and I will have to talk sense to him separately. Otherwise, women, understand that when you are standing there in front of the mirror there is a little demon there too whispering, "your hair line is not right, your nose is too big, your eyebrow is the wrong shape, your skin is ugly..." And you believe it. Stop believing it, and every time you go in front of the mirror, first kick the demons out by acknowledging that the God of all things truly beautiful created you and gave you the body and face that you have, and it was not an accident. The only way to increase your beauty is to increase your devotion on the God of true beauty. Plastering nasty substances on your face will only teach your face to stop shining in the beauty God has given it.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Intentional Gap This Time

Going searching for the Kingdom of Heaven. Don't plan to be around the internet that much. Adios.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Two Tunics

Beware of overdoing the metaphors.

In Churchianity, pastors have become exceedingly good at using old testament and new testament stories as metaphors for their teachings. The exodus of Israel out of Egypt becomes the template for a called one to become a faithful follower of Jesus. This is often good. But also, very often it is used incorrectly. Coming into the promised land becomes moving from the old paid for building, to the new indebted building, and enlarging your tents means getting richer.

They also use plain and simple instructions as metaphors for larger principles. This can also be good, but I think it becomes much easier to think of these things in the neighborhood of make believe, than in the real world of stuff. I challenge you to go out into the actual real life world and find someone needing a shirt, and give them yours. We can have all kinds of wonderful faith in the confines of our heads, but the only way to know if there is any substance to that faith, is to go out and command it to DO it.

Side note: one reason it becomes difficult to DO it, is that those who really need don't often walk around out in the open with big red painted signs saying "I need a shirt." You and I have to take enough interest to find out.

Needs. Some are hungry. Some are cold (even in South Texas this happens). Some need a place to sleep when it rains. Some have a place to sleep, but have no money to buy food. Some wear better clothes than I do, but sleep alone at night with the mosquitoes and ants on concrete.

Churchianity has had clever metaphors for many hundreds of years. It's all worthless unless you go out there and DO the things.

Monday, October 17, 2011

End War

I'll throw my two cents into this.

I agree, no nation that I know of has any business making war (declared or not) on another nation's people. Any nation (U.S.) that kills millions of it own unborn children obviously has lost all good powers of judgment and has given up its rights (if it ever had any) to rule. How can a man rule another man's children if he encourages his own to run wild?

They use the lie that, "They are fighting for the freedom that you enjoy, so you should support them." No doubt that there have been many valiant soldiers who have endured much hardship and given their lives for the lie of national freedom. Is it a big surprise? All death comes from a lie. I appreciate the strong character of those who have valiantly and innocently given their lives for the nation, but I count it as tragedy, not heroism. The only true tragic hero is the Lord/Lamb Christ Jesus. All freedom that is worth anything comes from believing in Jesus.

But to create anti-war organizations and march around carrying signs opposing all war in general is just a waste of breath, I'm afraid. Let the people who don't know God do that; they are haters of God, but violently oppose war. War will not cease until the anti-christ ends it for a short time (even then, it may be a mirage). True end to war will not happen until the Prince of Peace reigns.

So, instead of fighting to end war, which is itself a kind of war, fight to make straight the way of the Lord's coming. Preach Jesus to all nations, teaching them everything Jesus has taught you. We fight all our battles as we always have, by drawing nearer to the person of Christ. Make no mistake, we are at war; it is not a war of bullets and bombs, but of turning the other cheek and giving away your second tunic.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Out With The Trash

Yes sir, it is done.

I went and researched the origins of that song and found what I suspected. It is not a good song. It may be art, but art does not achieve the Glory of God. (in this sense) Art is beauty broken. It still has some beauty, as a carry-over from its original state, but it falls short because perfection is the requirement, nothing less. You cannot paint a picture of a tree more beautiful than the tree itself. To try is like taking pictures of a war torn, ruined city scene. You may find shapes and images that make your jaw sag, but they are still pictures of distruction, not life.

By the new title, I'm not trying to be prideful, but submissive to the prompting in me. The wonderful hidden mysteries are open to anyone who walks the path of our Christ. Glorify the Lamb today, and definitely sing Hallelujahs!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guidelines for the Church

Guidelines for the Church

Do not engage in any buying or selling. If there is any exchange in goods or moneys or properties, it is to be by free gift only. But also, don't begrudge those who do. Why? Because the love of money is the root of many evils. Exchanging goods and services for money, even in the innocent beginnings (to support the ministry), easily and quickly slips into another godless business of money-making. Instead model the ministry after the example of Jesus when He fed the five thousand; let the increase come from Heaven.

Do not join with any worldly entity. Any union between the church and the government or state institutions will result in a snare for the church. The Church is made up of individuals who are free spirits, freed by Christ, and not to be caged again. As people, obey all the laws of the state, until the event whereby the state tries to enforce a law that is contrary to the command of the High King, Jesus. Create no institution; so that the state, IRS, or law makers can not get their hands on you.

Do not set up a name for yourself. Do not signify yourself in any way other than "the Church," or the "body of Christ," or other named recorded in scripture. You can signify the part of the Church by the geographical location it is in. For example, "the Church at Corinth, or the Church at Corpus Christi." Just as the man, Adam, named his wife, so Christ Jesus names His Church.

Do not set up any man or woman over you. The individual members are to submit to one another as unto Christ, and unto Christ directly. If there are pastors and prophets and teachers, they are co-laborers and servants, not the boss or a priest through whom you are to learn Christ. You learn Christ by individually dying daily and participating in His Resurrection, and by washing yourself in the Word. If you listen to a pastor or teacher, or anyone else, listen not to them, but listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit through them. You can learn to recognize this Voice by turning away from all the junk of the world, and devoting your pursuits to the scriptures, and prayer.

Believe the scriptures with a pure conscience. If you read a passage and don't understand it, don't try to explain it. The Holy Spirit alone gives understanding to hidden things. If you try to explain it before the Spirit of Truth teaches it to you, then you will fall into a snare. Trust in God always, and never lean on your own understanding.

Build no Kingdom on Earth. Instead, be the light of the world, be the bride of Christ, and comfort those who mourn and suffer, and give every earthly resource to the increase of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Lord and King, Jesus will bring His Kingdom when He comes, not too many days from now. Our place is not to set up kingdoms, but to lower the mountains, and raise the valleys, so that when His Kingdom comes, it has cleared land to set up on. So, don't drain all the resources that we are to use to feed the hungry, and clothe them, in order to build bigger buildings, and produce flashier bulletins. Meet in facilities that you already have, or in homes, or in no facility at all, in restaurants, in parks, online in various groups, on the streets, in office buildings, in football stadiums, at the beach, or anywhere else you can. If you seal yourself away in brick boxes, you are not the light of the world.

Do not quarrel, but search the scriptures diligently. Being saved from sin, and slow to speak, and quick to believe what we see in the scripture, we can come to the knowledge of the truth.